About Bud Megargee

I was one of four siblings from a blue-collar Catholic family who grew up in a deteriorating steel town in Southeastern Pennsylvania. After High School I attended a Midwestern liberal arts college, graduating with a degree in Psychology. Over time I continued my studies at Temple University in Philadelphia eventually completing both my Master’s and Doctoral programs while studying Health Education and its contribution to the Psycho-educational process. I augmented my academic experience by training in both Humanistic and Contemplative Psychology initially as a clinician, later as a senior healthcare executive and finally as a Washington, DC healthcare lobbyist. 

Despite my conservative nature and professional association with the for-profit behavioral health community, I was privately drawn to the unconventional theories of alternative medicine and Eastern philosophy in the treatment of behavioral challenges.

While living in the suburbs of Washington, DC, I studied at a Taiwanese Buddhist monastery in Northern Virginia invoking simple meditative awareness in an effort to bring clarity to my personal and professional issues.

It was at Wat Yarnna Rangsee, where I met an elder monk who dispelled my skeptical beliefs by indicating that in my personal and professional life there were teachers available with gifts that could not be explained; and if those gifts were needed, perhaps I would find them – or they would find me.

 It was at this point that my unconventional journey began.

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