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The Afterlife Experience

How Our Association With Nature’s Elements Shapes the Outcome

What happens after we die? Everyone wonders about their fate in the afterlife. In The Afterlife Experience Bud Megargee puts aside philosophical musings and age-old dogmatic beliefs to search for his answers. By delving into the association with Nature’s element, Megargee offers thought-provoking alternatives to help readers understand and accept that there might be more at play than they have ever imagined.

Few books push the boundaries of our imagination and intellect, challenging us to confront our preconceived notions about the way we think the world works. The Afterlife Experience is one such book.

Bud Megargee is a best-selling and award-winning author of six unconventional memoirs that survey the potential existence of a world of souls. 

When he was unable to answer his life’s most difficult questions, Bud Megargee packed up his skepticism and hit the road.


By Best-Selling & Award-Winning Author Bud Megargee

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