The world that I inhabit has jagged edges. Every day I am asked to navigate multiple shattered lives and complex decisions. Unfortunately, my personal universe is built on the back of uncertainty; the type that results in awkward endings.

These are the moments when I long for assistance – a chaperone perhaps. I wish for someone to step forward with the knowledge that is required to avoid the islands of isolation that my world creates out of fear and doubt.

I was raised on the stories of heroes and heroines. Of guidepost warriors who would effortlessly wield their powers to defend anyone in need of assistance. Unfortunately, that world – the world of acting out childhood fantasy and Marvel superheroes – needs the survivors of those times to do more than modestly speak out against life’s discomforts. That world needs to uncover its mindful Human Warriors.

Here is something to think about. As I see it, the principal difference between an average individual who is trying to sidestep the fog of life and a real time Human Warrior might look something like this: The attentive Human Warriors are needed to offset the energy which is feeding daily uncertainties. They have the capacity to look past the obvious; and, in doing so, develop an open-hearted alertness to humanity’s chronic problems. This freshly designed state of mind provides for unadulterated viewpoints to arise and subtly introduces change and flexibility where previously there were undeniable uncertainties. Essentially, they expose the important building blocks that are required for new points of view and untried opportunities. Meanwhile, an average person sees everything as either a godsend or a jinx – as simply black and white.

Regardless of these comments, I wonder where the Human Warriors have gone. I try to imagine them diligently working behind the scenes; creating an environment loaded with adaptive features of rapid acknowledgement and creative problem solving that dislodges the negative energy that all of us feel.

These unseen Warriors are not in the habit of avoiding the reality of a given situation. Rather, they are the declaration of determination required not to be frozen by fear and doubt. They have the envious capacity to access options that by-pass most of us. In doing so, they persistently regenerate the positive energy to get us back on track.

I would like to think that all of us have a built-in intentionality to avoid the boulders of life. Like my imagined Human Warrior, we are equipped with a soul life fully charged with the ability to move beyond our anxieties and imperfections.

In the end, I believe all of us are Human Warriors.  Yet somehow we have misplaced the consistency to be totally aware of life’s intentions – to have compassion, wisdom and forgiveness for most of what we encounter. We appear absent the needed empathy for all life; and, have found ourselves relegated to simply trying to get through the day.

Unfortunately, it is likely that I too have misplace the awareness to cope with the demands of life.  If so, how can I call on any “inner-warrior” traits that I may possess? Sadly, I should not be surprised to find my imagined Human Warriors standing off in the shadows while I try to settle my own doubts and fears.