Throughout human history, the desire to explore an afterlife requires that we critically bend the way we think. It is a time when there is only one question to be asked: What really happens when this life ends?

By tradition, our next world experiences are fixed in accepted philosophical understandings or time-honored religious beliefs. Any challenge to these options requires that we find the private moments to become unbiased and fearless.

The early September release of my book, The Afterlife Experience: How Our Association with Nature’s Elements Shapes the Outcome, suggests something outside cautious thinking. It recommends that for one moment, we try to imagine something that lays beyond what we have historically and individually embraced. We explore unorthodox ideas freely and without old convictions. We try to imagine a time when we can investigate unusual information without ignorance, desire, or aversion. It asks that we not turn our backs on the influence on nature’s elements in determining our current existence or any expected afterlife path we will travel.

There are few times in our life when we are asked to become adventurous. Perhaps studying what will be contained in The Afterlife Experience will be one of those moments.

Currently in Editing – The Afterlife Experience is scheduled to be released prior to the 2022 Holiday season and will be available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats.