Welcome to my first blogsomething I have unintentionally avoided but have always felt could bring additional insight to my unconventional journey. But before I start, I would like to clear up one item. 

Because I have written a series of non-fictional memoirs that have to do with spirituality, soul guides, psychic/oracles, afterlife, etcetera, I am sensitive to the variety of alternative beliefs that others may have. As a result, throughout these blog posts I will not be discussing the merits of one dogmatic series of truths over another. I believe that an approach that opens those gates can only produce a chain of powerful conflicting and unproductive emotions. What I would like to write about are the “behind the scene” events that I have catalogued over my eight-year spiritual adventure.  

In the past readers would seek answers regarding the dynamics between me and the oracle Shirlet Enama – such as, how I stumbled upon her and the rationale behind taping each sessionThey were curious about Shirlet personally, her background and the subtleties of a voice channeling sessionAdditionally, received an assortment of questions that would focus on how I personally responded to this multi-year process and the decision to write about it. In many ways they were asking me to disclose how I adapted to such a radical uncommon experience given my traditional conservative background.  

I believe some of these initial inquiries can be fertile soil for blog discussions and rather than just responding to these historical questions I would like to try something offbeat. 

My personal responses to questions can be easily given but to better understand Shirlet Enama and this unconventional adventure would like to recommend that the blog interview her. Such a method can give answers to questions but will also give me a chance to “turn the tables” on Shirlet where we can explore the details to an oracles channeling process. I believe anyone unfamiliar with a channeling experience might find her answers both unusual and remarkable 

In addition, I would like to talk more about the development of the relationship I have with Laz. Having discussed portions of that relationship previously there is much more to reveal. It takes a leap of faith to imagine that there are spiritual energies that impact on our lives but if a connection can be developed some of life’s sensitivities might be answered – they certainly were with me 

Apparently, there is a mysterious past that I share with Laz that would be interesting to examine. Throughout this adventure he has revealed more about the past than he might have preferred – much of which I have not included within the text of the memoir’s, but would gladly turn over to you now.  

In addition to disclosing more about the personalities of Shirlet and Laz, there are also the mechanisms by which my human questions are formed and how a spirit guide would provide answers that are of importance. Guides live in a different dimensional level of existence and, in fact, know us better than we know ourselves. Self-honesty can be hard to come by, especially when truthful answers are on the line. When a defensive ego is “called out” for its BS response by those who guide us, we learn quickly how to form our questions and responses constructively. 

One final fact about the guiding relationship I have with Laz – I have researched other spirit channeling’s, many that provide experiences with “universal consciousness” or leagues of formed spiritual counselors. Unique to my relationship with Laz? He is exclusively “my” guide and as such has one agenda – my growth and development as a soul. I will share instants where, when I have asked about others, his responses are exclusively about their impact on me – he has no interest in “predicting” what will happen in the future – his responsibility lies in having me fully experiencing this life. 

Finally, I would like to share the multiple tasks that I was given over the years. Some I wrote about (i.e. it’s a pumpkins life) – many I did not. By recapping those that were beneficial within the text of the memoir I hope that others can begin to imagine exactly how a guide builds the truth about life – through actual experience.  

I look forward to questions, comments and recommendation.