I wanted to give a quick update on the status of the fifth memoir in the series, “Soul Afterlife – Beyond the Near-Death Experience,” as well as my first developing fictional piece, “The Mirrored Warrior.” 

I have scheduled return visits throughout the fall with Shirlet Enama in northeastern Pennsylvania. As you might imagine, I do not know exactly where Laz will go with the continuation of this interactive memoir, or that he is satisfied with my learning on this matter, but it is safe to say that having covered how the afterlife experience is radically different for a near-death experience we are getting close to finalizing this initiative. Here is partial list of what we have covered so far: 

  • How soul energy splits and develops multiple incarnations. 
  • The role of the human energy field (aura) in the afterlife experience. 
  • How existing human thought impacts our understanding of the afterlife.   
  • The importance of our energy vibrations and frequency. 
  • Identifying the temporary or permanent nature of heaven or hell. 
  • The difference between a multifaceted afterlife and what individuals experience during a near-death encounter. 

What we have discussed has been extraordinary and also “hard to believe”, but like all of my soul related experiences, it has given me a lot to think about.  

If there is a rapid conclusion to these discussion – both editing and publishing should be completed by the end of the year and with luck, “Afterlife – Beyond the Near-Death Experience” could be released in the beginning of 2020. 

Regarding the development of the fictional writing, “The Mirrored Warrior”, The following is the working outline that might be of interest. 

Looking in the mirror, I know this face. I know who is really looking back. I have seen this face a thousand times, yet I know that there is more to this image. I believe now that there are times when this image is taller, shorter, stronger and weaker. There are stretches of time when I am lighter, darker and both male and female seemingly all at once. I fell it – even as I stand and observe how my entire body moves. 

These thoughts and images, I recognize them not as my personal faults or somebody’s perceptions of a distorted mental condition. I experience them all to be a perfect representation of who I have become over time. It is amazing that I have reached this point in my life and still find a way to remain sane. 

In the beginning, I had serious doubts regarding what I was expected to learn. Now, I no longer fell those emotions. I have removed my emotional impression of a confused young girl who obsessively challenged the reason for her life. Especially, when I revisit how to understand the unworldly secrets I have discovered. 

I am smiling. Why am I doing that? Could it be that I have finally come to a restful place who I really see in the reflection and what I have genuinely become. 

Unfortunately, it has taken me a lifetime to get to this place. To be honest, it has taken the awareness of multiple lifetimes.  

More to come on both of these items. 



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