I wrote earlier that interviewing Shirlet Enama might be able to provide additional insights into a soul channeling process.  So, during a recent visit I approached her with the idea – suggesting that I ask her a series of questions regarding the experience I have had. Reluctantly she agreed – not out of concern regarding what I might catalogue, rather is was the amount of time that it would take from other things.

As a backdrop – I met Shirlet Enama many years ago on the chance that I might gain some insight on some personal matters. Along with two friends, I had been discussing the legitimacy of any individual being capable of providing life guidance and the effects of personal skepticism on receiving a “reading” from someone who proclaimed to have access to unknown information.

Deciding to become an adventurous trio, we made plans to trek through the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, having been fortunate to have made tentative appointments with this hard to reach oracle.

Upon first glance Shirlet presents as a typical spiritual reader – with two major exceptions – First, the security that surrounds her complex (there are specific reasons for that – but I will save that for another time). And second, the number of State and local Patrol Officers that are in her family.

I remember being taken aback when I learned that she had studied at a California Buddhist Monastery so that her “gifts” might be channeled in the proper direction – something that she openly shares. From that moment on I felt a certain bond that would later develop into a working relationship that has produced this writing experiment.

I will give more background later – for now, however, I want to concentrate on the process of channeling – the backbone of all five of the unconventional adventurous memoirs.

My first question for Shirlet was something that I have thought about for some time and had asked her previously – it was something I asked many years ago:

Is there anything that you do prior to a channeling session to prepare yourself, and if so, what might that look like”?

Shirlet – First, after all of these many years, and the writing experiment we have ventured into, channeling Laz is different than a typical experience – perhaps it has to do with the number of sessions we have held together. As a result, he simply appears while we are having our initial conversations. You may notice that when we start to talk about getting back together – he simply shows up. I rarely, if ever, try to seek him out.

Now, in a traditional channeling request, I try to seek out a private area and meditate – essentially, I am trying to calm myself and raise my vibration. I find that if I am successful in doing that, I have a better chance of drawing someone (spirit) in. It is difficult at times because there is so much going on around here, especially right now. What helps in my meditation is thinking about my garden and the beauty that it represents – if I can calm my thinking, ironically, the colors in my mind will get really vibrant and then I will start to see people (spirits) and they will start showing me things – that’s sounds odd when I say it out loud, but it works for me.

“Shirlet when you say he appears – what exactly do you mean – do you see them in your mind or in reality”

Shirlet – I know that we have discussed this before but for your readers this is what happens. I initially feel a little pinch of energy and just over your left shoulder there will be an orb. This orb is the size of a medium playground ball and it is often illuminating a bright yellow/white color. Inside this glowing circle is a figure and, in your case, it is Laz. Sometimes he is a full figure and at other times I see him from just the waist up.

“Would it be important for others to know that you always see a figure”?

Shirlet – Fortunately or unfortunately, I have always seen spirits. I think of it as a continuing personal burden and have worked on accepting that portion of this “gift” since the monastery in California – I am not always successful in embracing it though.

“So, when he appears, can you describe what you actually see”?

Shirlet – Sure. I have a great deal of affection for your guide Laz, especially having grown to know him over these years – I find him entertaining and funny most nights. He is much like you in many ways. He appears ancient, Greek or Roman, I am not sure. I would consider him handsome (she laughs). What people might find interesting regarding him is that his feet are glowing, and his eyes will change color – I think it has to do with the intensity of what he is trying to relay to you, I’m not quite sure about that.

“What many readers what to know is exactly how is the communication flowing between you and him. For example, do you change in any way or become possessed during the channeling process. Some readers are familiar with other channeling experiences where the individual seems to be overtaken or speaks with a different tone or voice”.

Shirlet – I know why some would think that, but I believe that my “gift” is maybe different that some others. So, to answer directly – no I do not become possessed and I believe that you might attest to that. The only way for me to describe the communication would be to compare the exchange to a computer – he is saying things and I give it to you as quickly as I can. The result might be that some of the colloquial expressions are different but the message itself is verbatim.

“I notice that our channeling sessions often last for two or three hours – what effect does that have on you, if any”?

Shirlet – Good question. It is my opinion that the energy in the room changes during a channeling session. What I mean is this – I believe that it takes a great deal of energy or vibration assertion for a spirit guide like Laz to actually materialize. The injection of that energy over those hours seems to drain me emotionally. Because of that I do not schedule channeling sessions on a regular basis.

“Final question for this session – when someone who is fortunate to visit with you requests a channeling session – does a spirit or guide always present”?

Shirlet – That is a potential problem on two levels. First, someone visiting with me might want to channel a specific individual – a parent or a loved one. There are no guarantees with that type of expectation. It has been my experience that many souls do not want to or are unable to muster together the vibration or frequency adjustment to actually present. Further as in your case, there might be a personal guide who essentially overtakes the request because there is something vitally important that is needed to be imparted. Regardless, I always tell someone seeking a channeling session that there are no specific guarantees, especially regarding what a spiritual visitor might impart within its message. So, anyone desiring to travel down this path needs to be prepared for the unexpected. Does that make sense?

Thanks, Shirlet – I’ll ask you more next time. Most of my readers view this process with a great deal of skepticism – maybe we can cover that next time”.



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