In troubled times, I have an urgency to try and understand both the world that surrounds me and myself. Privately, I have so many questions and I am consistently challenged by them – they quietly tug at me during the night. They are relentless.

At the top of my list is this – maybe I am not alone with these thoughts. Perhaps, all of us are guilty of improperly administering to these emotional energies. If accurate, that might explain why we have moments of unimaginable turmoil that end in repeated episodes of reckless decision making.

Recently, I have found myself asking this basic question – whatever confusion all of us experience; whatever doubts or anxieties that may arrive from our jumbled condition; at the base of our innate behaviors, why have we begun to question our own understanding of right and wrong?

I would like to believe that all of us have the connective resources necessary to understand our unsettled chaotic moments. That our philosophical beliefs instinctively contribute and constructively adjust our view of reality. Unfortunately, with the negative energies involved with the events of January 6, what we may be missing is the proper acknowledgement that there might be more at play than we can imagine.

This blog provides a means for me to openly, and, with fresh awareness, review and determine the truth about the events of the recent past. To encourage all of us to ask the essential question about both our human and spiritual conditions. Essentially, to look beyond the obvious and determine whether there are unanticipated dynamics that ceremoniously circumvent the rudimentary energies that surround us and the way we live our lives.

Clearly, there are no universal answers to life’s challenges. Perhaps, however, there are untainted alternative views that have yet to be found. I would like to think that is possible. That new attentiveness to the energies that envelop us can attach a powerful level of importance to the tragic human condition that we have all witnessed.