We tend to think more about what we are doing than who we are becoming.

In all our lives there are moments when the ground starts to shake beneath our feet. These are the times when our world becomes destabilized, and everything changes around us. Gradually, as the fog lifts, others appear in our lives offering alternatives to manage our life obstacles in innovative ways.

Here are my questions about my last comment. First, who are these individuals and how do they see things differently? Could they be life planners who architecturally devise the resources necessary to reform life’s chaotic moments? For example: When life’s biggest storms attach themselves to the misrepresentations that we see, feel, and hear, are they the energies that work to show order?

Presume for the moment that they are not mystical unicorns that appear in our imaginations but are highly energized Human Warriors with the purpose to intentionally drive us toward newness. Visualize them acting as safeguarding regulators with the “purpose” of protecting our life plans.

Conceptually, I have always tried to tether together my life’s “purpose.” In doing so, it gives me a sense of control within the world I occupy. Human Warriors are different. Warriors accomplish this by assisting us in navigating complex life transitions. 

Here is something to think about – understanding who we are and removing self-doubt is difficult, if not impossible. However, the more we know who we are and what our life’s direction is, the less chaotic everything seems. This is what Human Warriors set up as a baseline for living – a rule for regulating all human life. While they are balancing the energy of human existence, our lives become more evenly keeled and chaos transforms into uplifting events devoid of distress.

Who are these Human Warriors? They are the unique individuals who have their eyes on the horizon; leveling out the good and the bad; moving toward a better future. They are not absent from traditional life goals. However, they understand that without emotional balance, the best intended goal becomes an obstacle to the true “purpose” of one’s life.

And the “purpose” for the existence of Human Warriors? Surely, it is not to simply block our periodic chaotic emotional mental states from getting worse. They are much, much more. They are uniquely conceived advancing soul energies whose awareness consistently sees beyond the levity of human life.

There is an old Eastern phrase regarding one’s “purpose” in life. When paraphrased it states: You need not know what the Warrior is doing, you only need to see their eyes to know their true “purpose.”

So, in the end, what is the principal “purpose” of the Human Warriors? They are life soothing gifts. They would be exemplars who remind us that we belong to something that is larger than ourselves. They assure us that “purpose” is an ancient concept; a planned directionality. With Human Warriors, we become keenly aware and see that our lives are never meaningless.