It would be amazing if I could find a way to become brave, curious, and gentle, like a child’s adventurous wisdom.

But I am not like that. I am entangled with a series of life stories that make it hard to recognize a type of innocent awareness.

Whenever I attempt to break the mold of my life-long conditioning, it becomes a challenge to hold both my relative and absolute perspectives of life together at the same time. The result? A series of repetitive episodes of unwanted personal interactive chaos develops. This entanglement involves “the need to know” and identifying what truths are obscured by the preconceived notions of the world I occupy.

I trust I have a soul – a complex energy that is naturally active with all other forms of energy. Yet, that thought is rarely active in my head. As a result, I feel the need to examine the contrast between the obvious energy interactions of life’s natural elements and how I experience my personal chaotic moments. In doing so, I might be able to identify a rational reason for how unanticipated negative energies are set upon my existence.

Additionally, while studying the existence of wayward energies, I may come away with two very different opinions. First: Do advanced energies have intentional designs on the disruption of life events – the objectives, of which, are unknown? Second: Am I simply unable to see what alternatives exist to counterbalance those after-effects?

As my exploration into the world of soul energies continues, I am seeking insight – the awareness to understand why I exist in an environment that requires that I navigate multiple instants of positive and negative confusion. What is the life purpose behind that?

With luck, this new adventure of understanding will provide a fluidity of thought, where before I could only assume was permanence. Along with the recognition of newly developed inspirational opinions, I hope to quiet the cynical views introduced by others – the hoaxes that keep my mind spinning in repetitive cycles.