As I began writing about the world of souls, I wanted readers to know what they were getting themselves into. I tried to put my cards on the table, right from the beginning. I hoped they would understand how narrated voice channeling material produced vastly different information.

My reasoning for providing caution right from page one? Capturing and sharing unorthodox details regarding topics that are sensitive and embedded in complex religious dogma and societal beliefs are risks.  Many spiritual books on the topic of souls push the boundaries of our imagination and intellect. We are challenged to confront our preconceived notions about the way we think about our world and any adventure we may take when it ends. There are many things that happen to us that we cannot explain with logic or science. Often, we are simply left wondering – is this simply the natural outcome? How do any of us find a place in our minds where it is safe to investigate unusual ideas without ignorance, desire, or aversion?

Anyone who chooses to travel into the unseen world of souls needs one personal modification – a consistent open mind. Let me explain how that might occur. For one moment, imagine that thoughtful awareness is not a threatening state to the beliefs you already have. Rather, it protects your most sacred dogmatic certainties, while surveying otherworldly alternatives. And the result? The opportunity to marvel at the idea of human existence, while new questions surface. As an example, how do all of us make sense of this existence? What is it’s real purpose? 

There are few moments when we are asked to become spiritually adventuresome. Anyone who seeks to travel the secret hallways of the world of souls, just may experience one of those moments.