In having a conversation with myself today I came away with one simple statement: All spiritual journeys are unique. They make us look at what we have done in the most peculiar fashion. They present moments where we are forced to examine how, together, we have created a Book of Life. We realize that all of us are here to make a difference. Within that evaluation, everyone contributes something – an act of humility; a word of encouragement; a moment in time when all the chaos we experience suddenly evaporates.

Throughout it all, we continue to ask ourselves the identical questions. We search for the courage to accept what we have done; why we are here; and, what happens when it all ends.

Spiritual undertakings are surprising since it is difficult to separate ourselves from what we do daily. Simply put, we find ourselves trapped, as we follow the warnings of life. Sooner or later, we realize that we are all part of something greater than ourselves.

I have read that people who have had near-death experiences share a common experience. They said that in the seconds before their passing, each of us suddenly understands the real reason for our existence. As a result of that moment, an unplanned consequence is born. It is the
realization that our most natural afterlife experience is presented. Heaven and Hell are not a place of passage. In that fraction of a second, we see clearly how we have or have not honored the miracle of our life