I once told a friend that the secret to life was in orchestrating great adventures. The art of creating events that involve launching ourselves into the depths of what it truly means to be utterly human.

I believed that a series of healthy expeditions would propel both of us into a dimension of life we would gladly unearth. In truth, the intent was to show what was truly deep within both of us.

Most of us seek journeys to uncover who we truthfully are. They are voyages that include facing the joy and pain of the years that have quietly passed. At times, these events often provide alternatives to how we might overcome life’s battles. In balancing our existence, these are the adventures we want most, yet they are also, what we fear.

Eventually most of us struggle with these questions: Within unique undertakings do we expose our most protected personal secrets and divulge who we truly are? In doing so, are we running the risk of losing track of our uniqueness? Are we purposively editing a false version of ourselves in an effort to design what others might find more acceptable? Or are we hopeful that along with new adventures we can courageously unburden ourselves to others, who in return, may find a way to confide in us?

Oddly, writing is much like the path that any great adventurer might take. It is an excavation where maiden journeys are constructed to remove a stalled life. As an author, I always hope that in our efforts to create a proficient experience, we are designing new perspectives filled with the energy that keep us going.

None of us are immune to the awkward discomforts of life. To avoid the existence of refuge, we need a series of boundless positive adventures to move us forward. Within newfound navigation, we view our existence through alternative eyes and transfer our life plan into a larger context. We liberate ourselves from imagined discomfort. We pierce the veil of self-consciousness and construct the world we desire.