It’s Mother’s Day, where so many are sharing moments filled with sensitive phone calls, flowers, and miles after miles of loving hugs and boundless memories.

For others, however, there are moments of deep emotional reflection. For some, there are levels of secrets that are often kept to oneself. It is a time of remembrance where we were taught to love everything we encounter or we may find ourselves loving none of it in the end.

Here is something I will share with you on this day. The love of everyone close to us is something that all of us need to learn. We ought to crave it because our soul feeds on it. Without that expression of love, our entire opinion of ourselves becomes weak. Without motherly love, our courage fails and we no longer look at the world we live in with confidence. They are
our true heroes; our warriors. Without their love, we turn our attention elsewhere, and, little by little, we destroy our understanding of intimacy. These are the feelings within life that have true meaning.

Everyone needs the strength and joy that comes from knowing that we have been truly loved. With that love, we can sacrifice what is necessary, and move our lives forward in the direction of our personal choosing.

Think about this for just one moment. Reflect on the times when you wanted to feel the presence of another; to feel the historically reassuring energy of your mother. Those were the moments when all you ever sought was comfort, nothing more.

As for me, and others, today I hope for this. If your life becomes terminally flawed, remember the inspiration of your mother’s unfailing love and become enveloped by it.

The energy from recapturing lost motherly inspiration is the greatest blessing in life for you. Embrace all of its magnitude.