While writing about the unconventional world of souls, I searched for proper descriptive terms to convey my spiritual voyage. This was my core question: “What are the illuminated moments of truth that we all face?”  This uncertainty not only represented the posture towards the world I was about to explore, but it also involved everyone that I would encounter.

Illuminating moments of truth originate when we break free from conventional understandings and seek alternative points of view regarding humanity. They represent the intimate points in time when we see the true core of the people we have met. They are selected life periods when our protected self image suddenly evaporates.

Illuminating moments such as these leap beyond simple happenings. They branch out and include instances, when, upon looking into the faces of friends and family, we witness humans endowed with immortal souls of infinite value and dignity. This becomes a time when our sole duty is to show our internal respect.

Our lives are surrounded by Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Buddhist, and all. Yet, becoming an illuminator of truth involves the precondition to acknowledge the presence of advancing alternative points of view.

My hope is that we all have the understanding that we are developing souls. We can then assume that everyone that we meet has that piece of themselves that bears no weight, size, color, or shape. That a transcendent spark resides inside all of us. Where, at the deepest level, everyone is equal on the level of a soul. Once there, illuminating moments of truth emerge and respect overrides the act of evaluating one another.

Becoming an illuminator of truth is an adventurous method of equalizing the playing field of life. It is a style of existence that results in treating all people with the natural value they deserve.